Environmentally Friendly Work Practices

Mid-Ohio Pipeline is committed to being a good steward of the environment. It is the expectation of the customers for whom we provide service but it is also part of our definition of providing a quality product that has been performed to the highest construction standards. That standard includes a safe and healthy environment that is preserved and protected by our work practices.

Our employees are educated in utilizing proper pipeline construction techniques that comply with all applicable federal, state, and local codes and regulations that dictate construction practices for our various projects. We have taken a very proactive approach in providing well trained environmental technicians for every job site that requires environmental protection devices to be installed and maintained.

Mid-Ohio Pipeline is committed to the preservation of the environment throughout the various facets of a pipeline construction project. We provide the necessary labor, equipment and materials required to protect the environment and provide a healthy setting in the future. One of the most important philosophies that we practice is to leave a project in better environmental condition than before we started. We take extreme pride in the restoration process and strive to leave the properties of others in better condition than before we started.

Proper education and training relating to the preservation of the environment for all of our people is critical. As in all other aspects of our business, we strive to supply the industry with the most competent and highly trained environmental technicians available, as well as train all of our people in the proper construction techniques pertaining to the conservation of the environment.

We take the responsibility of environmental stewardship seriously and strive to make a minimal impact upon the environment. Mid-Ohio Pipeline knows that we must respect and care for the environment so that our children have the opportunity to enjoy what we have been given.