Natural Gas Transmission

Mid-Ohio Pipeline Services was founded upon the idea of providing distribution pipeline construction services for companies in central Ohio. After development of the Marcellus Utica shale in 2006, we expanded to meet customer demand for our services in the midstream and transmission sectors. More than a decade later, this division is well known for safely performing quality work with the same core values that Mid Ohio was built on a generation earlier.

Our target projects range from six inch through twenty-four inch steel pipe with project lengths up to 10 miles. These jobs have been completed for various transmission and gathering companies in the Midwest and Southeast. Our experienced crews are at home in a variety of terrains, from winch hills in West Virginia to coastal plains of North Carolina and everywhere in between. We currently have transmission spreads located in the Midwest and Southeast working for various gas companies performing transmission pipeline construction services. Each crew is experienced and properly equipped to perform all the necessary duties associated with transmission construction.

Some of our various responsibilities included within a typical steel transmission project include:

  1. Clearing new right of way
  2. Installation and maintenance of environmental control devices
  3. Trench excavation in both soil and rock
  4. Pipe bending, welding and joint-holiday coating
  5. HDD and conventional boring
  6. Integrity testing by air, nitrogen or water
  7. Complete restoration of all disturbed areas to industry leading expectations

The same commitment to safety,quality and efficiency, previously established within our distribution business has been carried forward into the transmission side of the business as we have established ourselves as a premier transmission company over the past decade.