Station Construction

Mid-Ohio Pipeline Services has established ourselves within several markets that are exclusively involved with the construction of transmission related facilities. Along with the construction of the pipeline, many companies have contracted with us to construct the associated facilities required to make a transmission system operate.

The point of delivery and compressor station construction has become a very prominent part of our business. Projects involving this type of work have been completed for numerous companies throughout the Midwest and Eastern United States in a wide variety of geographical areas including rugged mountainous terrains.

We currently have crews involved in either the construction of pipelines or the associated station facilities required to make them operate. Each crew is fully experienced and properly equipped to perform all the necessary duties associated with station construction.

Some of the various responsibilities within a station facility related project include:

  • Installation and maintenance of environmental control devices
  • Fabrication of proposed facilities
  • Concrete foundations installation and building erection
  • Measurement and regulation installation
  • Launcher and receiver installation
  • “Hot” tie-ins utilizing short stop and spherical tee technology
  • Filter-separator installation
  • Holding tank and dike system installation
  • Heater installation
  • Cathodic protection and rectifier systems
  • Pipe integrity testing by air, water, and nitrogen
  • Complete restoration of all disturbed areas to industry leading expectations

The installation of the facilities associated with the operability of a pipeline has become a great addition to our vast range of services provided. The same attention to safety, preservation of the environment, quality and efficiency on which we have built our business holds true for the construction of station facilities as well.