Our Mission

Mid-Ohio Pipeline Services is continuously dedicated to providing the pipeline industry with services that exceed the expectations of our customers, while maintaining the highest regard for safety, quality, and the environment.

We will provide the safest, most competent and best trained personnel that the industry has to offer. Our mission to provide competitively priced services, constructed in a timely manner while maintaining impeccable quality will not waiver at Mid-Ohio Pipeline Services.

Mid-Ohio Pipeline Company was founded by Mr. Gene Yates in 1972. The same business philosophy and core values established by Gene 45 years ago still remain in place throughout this organization today.

Our goal is to provide the greatest value in the energy pipeline construction industry. Period. We pride ourselves on beating deadlines without cutting corners, focusing on safety and quality above all else, constructed by the most competent people within the industry. As simple as it might appear, these straightforward fundamental expectations have provided the foundation of a very successful business throughout 3 generations.

The small company started by Mr. Gene Yates in the early 70’s, has evolved into a major service provider within the pipeline construction industry. The business was purchased by Brent Yates from his father in the early 90’s and from that point, Brent immediately put the company on a sustained growth path. This was initially accomplished by engaging in predominately gas and water distribution oriented services.

Mid-Ohio is on a multi-decade sustained growth path in assisting customer growth and expansion in all aspects of distribution, midstream and transmission work. We are vertically integrated and offer a large number of services in-house, specializing in both distribution and transmission construction services along with facility work.  As unconventional shale formations proved economically viable in the Midwest, distribution customers accelerated their replacement programs. We progressively offered our skillsets, and our geographical areas of concentration have grown from a central Ohio based organization, we now offer various pipeline construction services throughout the Midwest and Eastern United States, to numerous customers.

We have maintained our impeccable reputation within the underground utility construction industry by focusing upon the core values established by our founding father and by pursuing methodology that continually improves upon the manner in which we conduct business.

When this mindset is fused to highly competent personnel and cutting-edge technology, the result is an industry leading service being provided to customers accustomed to their expectations being exceeded.