Pipeline Construction Safety

The safety of our employees and stakeholders is our top priority. At Mid-Ohio, we believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility and should be a way of life. We ensure that each employee understands their role from Day 1 by completing SafeLandUSA and one day of Mid-Ohio specific training prior to stepping foot on a jobsite. Our routine company-wide communication provides an opportunity to recognize outstanding Stop Work, Good Catch and Near Miss submissions as well as highlight key safety topics.

Ultimately, our job with safety never ends and thus we are committed to continuing education and always searching for ways to apply lessons learned and best practices in all we do.

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Environmental Stewardship

Mid-Ohio is committed to being a good steward of the environment. It is the expectation of the customers we serve, and it is also part of our definition of providing a quality service that has been performed to the highest construction standards. That standard includes a safe and healthy environment that is preserved and protected by our work practices.

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Training And Education

Safety is the Priority. Quality is the Standard. Training is the bridge between the two.

Our commitment to continuously training and educating our talented workforce is paramount. We operate a full-time training facility equipped with modern training devices used specifically within the pipeline construction industry.

Mid-Ohio Pipeline is committed to continually improving upon the services we provide. To accomplish this objective, we have embarked upon a journey to identify areas that merit improvement, then educating and training our employees to enhance our competencies in these areas. At the same time, we constantly seek to improve upon safe performance while maintaining a high regard for quality.

Mid-Ohio Pipeline knows that our customers’ expectations can only be accomplished by providing them with a product that is installed by highly competent and well-trained personnel.