Mid-Ohio has a large fleet of horizontal directional drills (HDD) with experienced crews that are accustomed to drilling in a variety of environments and subsurface conditions. We are comfortable working in challenging conditions like urban and developed suburban areas around homeowners and the general public. These HDDs are very difficult as the ground is crowded with existing utilities that require carefully planning a bore path to avoid conflict and skillfully executing on that plan. Cross country projects come with their own set of challenges when directional drilling, often crossing environmentally sensitive areas including rivers and wetlands. 

These natural features require carefully developed plans that account for topography and underground conditions to complete the bore without impacting the sensitive areas. Mid-Ohio has the directional drills and associated tooling to drill dirt, soft rock and heavy rock for pipelines up to 18″ in diameter and specializes in directional drilling:

  • Natural gas distribution lines (steel and plastic)
  • Natural gas transmission lines (steel and plastic)
  • Water lines (HDPE)
  • Force Main Sanitary Sewer (HDPE)
  • Fiber and conduit lines
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