Mid-Ohio Pipeline was founded upon the idea of providing distribution pipeline construction services for companies in central Ohio. After development of the Marcellus Utica shale in 2006, we expanded to meet customer demand for our services in the midstream and natural gas transmission sectors. More than a decade later, this division is well known for safely performing quality work with the same core values that Mid-Ohio was built on a generation earlier.

Our target projects range in size from four inch to twenty-four inches, with a focus on technical replacements and urban installations for pipelines along with significant experience in facilities construction and all aspects of integrity maintenance. Each construction crew is experienced and properly equipped to perform all the necessary duties associated with steel pipe construction and maintenance.

Some of our various responsibilities included within a typical steel project include:

  • Station construction, including regulation, metering, and over-pressurization
  • Mainline construction of new pipelines and replacements
  • Line lowering and stream bank remediation
  • Self-performance of horizontal directional drills (HDD) up to 16″
  • Engineering assessment digs
  • Testing and materials verification of existing facilities
  • Direct assessments, including recoating, cut-out and replace
  • Plastic pipe installation up to 30″
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