Mid-Ohio Pipeline specializes in the construction of plastic and steel distribution pipelines for utilities throughout the Midwest. We are accustomed to working in challenging urban settings within road right of way, safely installing pipelines ranging from 2″ poly to 16″ steel while thoughtfully working to minimize impacts to the surrounding home and business owners.

Some of the responsibilities within a distribution pipeline project include:

  • Traffic control through flagging and work zone setup prior to construction
  • Video of surface conditions and sanitary sewer lines, both pre and post
  • Open cut installation of mainline and services in both hard and soft surface
  • Directional drilling of mainline and services, including service pull back camera
  • New installation and replacement of both mainline and services
  • Meter installation or move out, along with house piping and relighting
  • Installing commercial large volume meter and regulator settings
  • Final restoration of both hard and soft surfaces
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