Jake Hetsler | Director of Distribution Services

photo of Jake Hetsler

Jake Hetsler is the Director of Distribution and has been with Mid-Ohio Pipeline since 2008. Jake started his career directly out of high school as a laborer, worked his way up to a Foreman, transitioned from Foreman to the Assistant Director in 2020 and eventually stepped into the Director of Distribution role.

The advancement of Jake’s career can be attributed to his hard work, determination and loyalty to the company. Jake has a deep aspiration to not only do his best but to excel and exceed all expectations in everything he does. As the Director of Distribution, his primary responsibilities include oversight of field operations, creating functional work strategies, and promoting a safe, inclusive work environment. He is committed to encouraging a dynamic team atmosphere and aspires to foster outstanding leadership across the board.

Jake calls Bellville his home, where he lives with his wife, Vern, and their two young sons, Ben and Phillip. When Jake isn’t working or tackling the next Pinterest project on his wife’s ever-growing “honey-do” list, he is usually found playing with his kids. Jake likes destressing with a good workout or cooking up a delicious meal. He’s also likely to be found reading his newest book and is working on completing his business degree.